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Our Major Publications

for all the publications including collaborative projects please see PubMed:

2023 Publications

A systematic proximity ligation approach to studying protein-substrate specificity identifies the substrate spectrum of the Ssh1 translocon

The EMBO Journal 

Nir Cohen, Naama Aviram,  Maya Schuldiner 

A toolbox for systematic discovery of stable and transient protein interactors in baker's yeast

Molecular Systems Biology

Emma J Fenech, Nir Cohen, Meital Kupervaser, Zohar Gazi, Maya Schuldiner 

2022 Publications

Systematic analysis of membrane contact sites in Saccharomyces cerevisiae uncovers modulators of cellular lipid distribution


Inês Gomes Castro, Shawn P Shortill, Samantha Katarzyna Dziurdzik, Angela Cadou, Suriakarthiga Ganesan, Rosario Valenti, Yotam David, Michael Davey, Carsten Mattes, Ffion B Thomas, Reut Ester Avraham, Hadar Meyer, Amir Fadel, Emma J Fenech, Robert Ernst, Vanina Zaremberg, Tim P Levine, Christopher Stefan, Elizabeth Conibear, Maya Schuldiner

Determining the targeting specificity of the selective peroxisomal targeting factor Pex9

Biological Chemistry

Eden Yifrach, Markus Rudowitz, Luis Daniel, Cruz-Zaragoza, Asa Tirosh, Zohar Gazi, Yoav Peleg, Markus Kunze, Miriam Eisenstein, Wolfgang Schliebs, Maya Schuldiner, Ralf Erdmann, Einat Zalckvar

A Similarity-Based Method for Predicting Enzymatic Functions in Yeast Uncovers a New AMP Hydrolase


Nir Cohen, Amit Kahana, Maya Schuldiner

Beyond rare disorders: A new era for peroxisomal pathophysiology


Show your true color: Mammalian cell surface staining for tracking cellular identity in multiplexing and beyond

Current Opinion in Chemical Biology

Sarah Hassdenteufel, Maya Schuldiner

2021 Publications

The Fast and the Furious: Golgi Contact Sites

SAGE journals 

Widespread use of unconventional targeting signals in mitochondrial ribosome proteins

​The EMBO journal 

2020 Publications

New horizons in mitochondrial contact site research

Biological Chemistry 

A piggybacking mechanism enables peroxisomal localization of the glyoxylate cycle enzyme Mdh2 in yeast

Journal of Cell Science 

Shiran Gabay-Maskit, Luis Daniel Cruz-Zaragoza, Nadav Shai, Miriam Eisenstein, Chen Bibi,
Nir Cohen, Tobias Hansen, Eden Yifrach, Nofar Harpaz, Ruth Belostotsky, Wolfgang Schliebs,
Maya Schuldiner, Ralf Erdmann and Einat Zalckvar

Uncovering targeting priority to yeast peroxisomes using an in-cell competition assay.


Rosenthal M, Metzl-Raz E, Bürgi J, Yifrach E, Drwesh L, Fadel A, Peleg Y, Rapaport D, Wilmanns M, Barkai N, Schuldiner M,
Zalckvar E.

Double the Fun, Double the Trouble: Paralogs and Homologs Functioning in the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Annual Review of Biochemistry 

Cytosolic Events in the Biogenesis of Mitochondrial Proteins.

Cell Press

Yury S. Bykov, Doron Rapaport, Johannes M. Herrmann and Maya Schuldiner

2019 Publications

Protein Topology Prediction Algorithms Systematically Investigated in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


High-throughput ultrastructure screening using electron microscopy and fluorescent barcoding.

J Cell Biol

Yury S. Bykov, Nir Cohen, Natalia Gabrielli, Hetty Manenschijn, SonjaWelsch, Petr Chlanda, Wanda Kukulski, Kiran R. Patil, Maya Schuldiner, and John A.G. Briggs

Yeast ceramide synthases, Lag1 and Lac1, have distinct substrate specificity

Journal of Cell Science  

Márton Megyeri, Rupali Prasad, Giora Volpert , Andrzej Sliwa-Gonzalez , A. Galih Haribowo, Auxiliadora Aguilera-Romero, Howard Riezman, Yves Barral , Anthony H. Futerman and Maya Schuldiner

The Endoplasmic Reticulum-Mitochondria Encounter Structure Complex Coordinates Coenzyme Q Biosynthesis.


Michal Eisenberg-Bord, Hui S. Tsui, Diana Antunes, Lucía Fernández-del-Río, Michelle C. Bradley, Cory D. Dunn Theresa P. T. Nguyen, Doron Rapaport, Catherine F. Clarke, and Maya Schuldiner

Promethin Is a Conserved Seipin Partner Protein


Inês G. Castro ,Michal Eisenberg-Bord ,Elisa Persiani ,Justin J. Rochford ,Maya Schuldiner and Maria Bohnert

Coming together to define membrane contact sites.

Nature communications

Luca Scorrano , Maria Antonietta De Matteis , Scott Emr , Francesca Giordano , György Hajnóczky  , Benoît Kornmann , Laura L. Lackner , Tim P. Levine  , Luca Pellegrini , Karin Reinisch , Rosario Rizzuto , Thomas Simmen , Harald Stenmark , Christian Ungermann  & Maya Schuldiner

2018 Publications

Assessment of GFP tag position on protein localization and growth fitness in yeast

J Mol Biol

Defining the Mammalian Peroxisomal Proteome

Subcell Biochem

Eden Yifrach, Sven Fischer, Silke Oeljeklaus, Maya Schuldiner,
Einat Zalckvar and Bettina Warscheid

An ER surface retrieval pathway safeguards the import of mitochondrial membrane proteins in yeast


Hansen KG, Aviram N, Laborenz J, Bibi C, Meyer M, Spang A, Schuldiner M, Herrmann JM.

Genome-wide SWAp-Tag yeast libraries for proteome exploration

Nat Methods

Weill U, Yofe I, Sass E, Stynen B, Davidi D, Natarajan J, Ben-Menachem R, Avihou Z, Goldman O, Harpaz N, Chuartzman S, Kniazev K, Knoblach B, Laborenz J, Boos F, Kowarzyk J, Ben-Dor S, Zalckvar E, Herrmann JM, Rachubinski RA, Pines O, Rapaport D, Michnick SW, Levy ED, Schuldiner M.

Stepping outside the comfort zone of membrane contact site research

Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol

Bohnert M, Schuldiner M.

Systematic mapping of contact sites reveals tethers and a function for the peroxisome-mitochondria contact

Nature communications 

Shai N, Yifrach E, van Roermund CWT, Cohen N, Bibi C, IJlst L, Cavellini L, Meurisse J, Schuster R, Zada L, Mari MC, Reggiori FM, Hughes AL, Escobar-Henriques M, Cohen MM, Waterham HR, Wanders RJA, Schuldiner M and Zalckvar E.

Database for High Throughput Screening Hits (dHITS): a simple tool to retrieve gene specific phenotypes from systematic screens done in yeast


Chuartzman SG, Schuldiner M.

Creating a systematic database of secretory pathway proteins uncovers new cargo for COPI


Weill U, Arakel EC, Goldmann O, Golan M, Chuartzman S, Munro S, Schwappach B, Schuldiner M.

Validation of a yeast malate dehydrogenase 2 (Mdh2) antibody tested for use in western blots


Gabay-Maskit S, Schuldiner M, Zalckvar E

Mind the Organelle Gap – Peroxisome Contact Sites in Disease

Trends in Biochemical Sciences

Castro G. I., Schuldiner M., Zalckvar E.


Targeting and translocation of proteins to the endoplasmic reticulum at a glance

J Cell Sci.

Identification of seipin-linked factors that act as determinants of a lipid droplet subpopulation

J Cell Biol.

Eisenberg-Bord M, Mari M, Weill U, Rosenfeld-Gur E, Moldavski O, Castro IG, Soni KG, Harpaz N, Levine TP, Futerman AH, Reggiori F, Bankaitis VA, Schuldiner M, Bohnert M

Iron affects Ire1 clustering propensity and the amplitude of endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling

J Cell Sci.

Cohen N, Breker M, Bakunts A, Pesek K, Chas A, Argemí J, Orsi A, Gal L, Chuartzman S, Wigelman Y, Jonas F, Walter P, Ernst R, Aragón T, van Anken E, Schuldiner M.

Two novel effectors of trafficking and maturation of the yeast plasma membrane H+ -ATPase


Geva Y, Crissman J, Arakel EC, Gómez-Navarro N, Chuartzman SG, Stahmer KR, Schwappach B, Miller EA, Schuldiner M

A different kind of love - lipid droplet contact sites

Biochim Biophys Acta.

Schuldiner M, Bohnert M.

Mitochatting - if only we could be a fly on the cell wall

Biochim Biophys Acta.

Eisenberg-Bord M, Schuldiner M.

Peroxisome Mini-Libraries: Systematic Approaches to Study Peroxisomes Made Easy

Methods Mol Biol.

Dahan N, Schuldiner M and Zalckvar E

Pex35 is a regulator of peroxisome abundance

J Cell Sci.

Yofe I, Soliman K, Chuartzman SG, Morgan B, Weill U, Yifrach E, Dick TP, Cooper SJ, Ejsing CS, Schuldiner M, Zalckvar E, Thoms S.

Combining Deep Sequencing, Proteomics, Phosphoproteomics, and Functional Screens To Discover Novel Regulators of Sphingolipid Homeostasis

J Proteome Res.

Lebesgue N, Megyeri M, Cristobal A, Scholten A, Chuartzman SG, Voichek Y, Scheltema RA, Mohammed S, Futerman AH, Schuldiner M, Heck AJ, Lemeer S.


A Tether Is a Tether Is a Tether: Tethering at Membrane Contact Sites

Dev Cell.

Characterization of proteome dynamics in oleate reveals a novel peroxisome targeting receptor

J Cell Sci.

Making sense of the yeast sphingolipid pathway

J Mol Biol.

Ground Control to Major TOM: Mitochondria-Nucleus Communication


Eisenberg-Bord M, Schuldiner M.

One library to make them all: streamlining the creation of yeast libraries via a SWAp-Tag strategy

Nat Methods.

The Protease Ste24 Clears Clogged Translocons



No peroxisome is an island - Peroxisome contact sites

Biochim Biophys Acta.

Starvation-Dependent Regulation of Golgi Quality Control Links the TOR Signaling and Vacuolar Protein Sorting Pathways.

Cell Rep.

Editorial overview: Cell organelles: Organelle communication: new means and new views

Curr Opin Cell Biol.

Genome-Wide Screens in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Highlight a Role for Cardiolipin in Biogenesis of Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Multispan Proteins.

Mol Cell Biol.

Lam6 Regulates the Extent of Contacts between Organelles

Cell Rep.

Elbaz-Alon Y, Eisenberg-Bord M, Shinder V, Stiller SB, Shimoni E, Wiedemann N, Geiger T, Schuldiner M.

Lipid Droplets Are Essential for Efficient Clearance of Cytosolic Inclusion Bodies.

Dev Cell.

OM14 is a mitochondrial receptor for cytosolic ribosomes that supports co-translational import into mitochondria.

Nat Commun.

Peroxisystem: harnessing systems cell biology to study peroxisomes.

Biol Cell.


The yeast ER-intramembrane protease Ypf1 refines nutrient sensing by regulating transporter abundance.

Mol Cell.

The yeast oligopeptide transporter Opt2 is localized to peroxisomes and affects glutathione redox homeostasis.

FEMS Yeast Res.

A dynamic interface between vacuoles and mitochondria in yeast.

Dev Cell.

Accurate, model-based tuning of synthetic gene expression using introns in S. cerevisiae.

PLoS Genet.

The emergence of proteome-wide technologies: systematic analysis of proteins comes of age

Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol.

Breker M, Schuldiner M.

Yeast phospholipid biosynthesis is linked to mRNA localization

J Cell Sci.

A cytosolic degradation pathway, prERAD, monitors pre-inserted secretory pathway proteins.

J Cell Sci.

Embracing the void--how much do we really know about targeting and translocation to the endoplasmic reticulum?

Curr Opin Cell Biol.

Aviram N, Schuldiner M.

The back and forth of cargo exit from the endoplasmic reticulum.

Curr Biol.

Geva Y, Schuldiner M.

Primers-4-Yeast: a comprehensive web tool for planning primers for Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


Yofe I, Schuldiner M.


LoQAtE--Localization and Quantitation ATlas of the yeast proteomE. A new tool for multiparametric dissection of single-protein behavior in response to biological perturbations in yeast.

Nucleic Acids Res.

The role of Djp1 in import of the mitochondrial protein Mim1 demonstrates specificity between a cochaperone and its substrate protein

Mol Cell Biol.

Formation and dissociation of proteasome storage granules are regulated by cytosolic pH

J Cell Biol.

Characterization of an M28 metalloprotease family member residing in the yeast vacuole

FEMS Yeast Res.

Hecht KA, Wytiaz VA, Ast T, Schuldiner M, Brodsky JL.

All roads lead to Rome (but some may be harder to travel): SRP-independent translocation into the endoplasmic reticulum.

Crit Rev Biochem Mol Biol.

A novel single-cell screening platform reveals proteome plasticity during yeast stress responses.

J Cell Biol.

From rags to riches - the history of the endoplasmic reticulum.

Biochim Biophys Acta. 

A network of cytosolic factors targets SRP-independent proteins to the endoplasmic reticulum.


Ast T, Cohen G, Schuldiner M.

The contribution of systematic approaches to characterizing the proteins and functions of the endoplasmic reticulum.

Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol.

Schuldiner M, Weissman JS.

Get3 is a holdase chaperone and moves to deposition sites for aggregated proteins when membrane targeting is blocked.

J Cell Sci.

Powis K, Schrul B, Tienson H, Gostimskaya I, Breker M, High S, Schuldiner M, Jakob U, Schwappach B.


Interactions of subunit CCT3 in the yeast chaperonin CCT/TRiC with Q/N-rich proteins revealed by high-throughput microscopy analysis.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.

Ergosterol content specifies targeting of tail-anchored proteins to mitochondrial outer membranes.

Mol Biol Cell.

A systematic approach to pair secretory cargo receptors with their cargo suggests a mechanism for cargo selection by Erv14.

PLoS Biol.


Getting the whole picture: combining throughput with content in microscopy

J Cell Sci.

Protein degradation: BAGging up the trash.

Curr Biol.

Staying in touch: the molecular era of organelle contact sites.

Trends Biochem Sci.

Advanced methods for high-throughput microscopy screening of genetically modified yeast libraries

Methods Mol Biol.

Cohen Y, Schuldiner M.


Genetics. The DNA damage road map.


Lipids: The plasma membrane code.

Nat Chem Biol.

Explorations in topology-delving underneath the surface of genetic interaction maps.

Mol Biosyst.

Comprehensive characterization of genes required for protein folding in the endoplasmic reticulum.


Jonikas MC, Collins SR, Denic V, Oh E, Quan EM, Schmid V, Weibezahn J, Schwappach B, Walter P, Weissman JS, Schuldiner M.

The GET complex mediates insertion of tail-anchored proteins into the ER membrane.


Schuldiner M, Metz J, Schmid V, Denic V, Rakwalska M, Schmitt HD, Schwappach B, Weissman JS.

Identification of yeast proteins necessary for cell-surface function of a potassium channel.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.

Haass FA, Jonikas M, Walter P, Weissman JS, Jan YN, Jan LY, Schuldiner M.

Exploration of the function and organization of the yeast early secretory pathway through an epistatic miniarray profile.


Schuldiner M, Collins SR, Thompson NJ, Denic V, Bhamidipati A, Punna T, Ihmels J, Andrews B, Boone C, Greenblatt JF, Weissman JS, Krogan NJ.

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