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At the Schuldiner lab, we believe that creating great science is important

but creating great scientists is even more

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Writing and Presenting

Writing cover Letters

Click the icons to download our presentations summarizing helpful tips for scientific soft skills:

Reviewing Manuscripts

Being a scientist
is not a job.
It's a passion,
a way of life

"My personal philosophy is that my lab members are like my family.
I spend as much time in lab as I do at home and I want to be happy when I am there. My true belief is that my job extends beyond simply giving students experimental and scientific guidance and hence I try to nurture them in all aspects of scientific thinking and presentation skills, to endow them with a sense of their own capabilities and to empower them.

I try to give my students a lot of freedom and alongside it, responsibility and enjoy seeing them make great scientific choices. I have to say that every morning when I get to lab I feel lucky to be in the midst of this great group of people that make me think and laugh. They are my true joy in science. To see how they grow up as scientists and as human beings is a bit like raising my own children and seeing what comes out. It makes me proud and happy, and is a big motivation for me"

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