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Our Team

Meet the team turning 'oops' into opportunities and 'eureka' into publications at the Schuldiner Lab!

Our amazing support team:


Hadar Meyer
Lab Manager

I love to cycle to work every day and I do rock climbing for fun.


Yeynit Asraf
Robotics and Microscopy

What I love about science is that it gives me a glimpse into the secrets of creation.


Ehud Sass

Research Associate

As an enthusiastic scientist, I wholeheartedly embrace Spinoza's profound insight: Through our active pursuit of knowledge and unwavering dedication to scientific inquiry, we unlock the potential to deepen our self-awareness and attain an elevated level of freedom.

hanni small_edited_edited_edited.png

Hanni Naor

Administrative Assistant

My second job is working as an Animal Assisted Therapist with kids and adults. I really love the combination of working with people of all ages in these two different and interesting worlds - therapy and science!


Reut Ester Avraham

Lab Technician

My favorite things to do are hike in nature, read thriller novels and going to escape rooms and the cinema.


Benjamin Dubreuil

Research Associate

Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.Otherwise, I enjoy making biological data more insightful through creative visualization.

Post Docs:

Dr Ofir Klein_edited.jpg

Dr. Ofir Klein

I’m not addicted to science. I can stop as soon as I finish the next experiment.

Dr. Emma Fennech

Dr. Emma Fenech

I am fascinated by the processes of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and the fact that each and every one of them is controlled by pairs or families of parallel machineries. I have been developing technologies to help understand the interplay between these machineries and am particularly intrigued how they work together in the context of ER targeting and at specific membrane subdomains, such as organelle contact sites.

Dr Sarah Hassdenteufel_edited.jpg

Dr. Sarah Hassdenteufel

Browsing through my electron microscopy screen and finding beautiful mitochondria with new cristae shapes, seemingly floating in the ocean of the cell, makes me feel the way I did when going on the search for ammonite fossiles in the badlands and coming home with new treasures.

Graduate Students:

Naama Zung

I am an overachiever with
too many hobbies and a dog.

Lior Peer

My love for science and baking started at about the same age. It is no wonder, then, that I like improving and calibrating protocols as much as I do in recipes.

Sivan Arad

Between playing tennis, drumming, and cooking vegan,
I try to find some time to come to the lab and explore the ER.

Maria-Del-Rosario Valenti

I am fascinated by protein structures. To get to know them better I like to adopt interesting structures in 3D myself, by practicing aerial acrobatics.

Rosario small.jpg
olga small.jpg
Olga Beresh

I am an avid traveler, music enthusiast, and a dedicated reader with a fondness for fantasy books.

Noga Preminger

I am on a constant search for pretty mitos and cats to pet.

noga small.jpg

Discovering new unexpected things in science excite me , and just like researching, in my free time I love solving puzzles.

Mor Angel
Shani Ravid

When not working in the lab, I can be found reading, napping, hiking or taking nature photographs.


When I leave the lab, I swap my lab coat for a leash, as I'm a proud dad to four happy dogs.

Din Baruch
Dunya Edilbi

I am a Scientist by day and baker by night.

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Alumni & their post Schuldi position:

Dr. Einat Zalckvar
Assistant Professor at Bar Ilan University
Dr. Nir Cohen
Post Doc Fellow at Charite University
Dr. Yotam David
Founder & CTO of MadeRight
Dr. Eden Yifrach
Post Doc Fellow at Whitehead Institute
Dr. Yury Bykov
Junior Group Leader
University of Kaiserslautern
Dr. Mira Korulski-Rosenthal
Freelance Consultant
Dr. Nadav Shai
Post Doc Fellow at the Rockefeller University
Dr. Michal Eisenberg-Bord
Post Doc Fellow at Cambridge University
Dr. Inês Castro
Assistant Professor at "NCH at Northeastern"
in London
Shiran Maskit
High school Biology Teacher
Dr. Naama Aviram
Post Doc Fellow
at the Rockefeller University
Dr. Uri Weill
Post Doc Fellow at Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
Dr. Yosef Geva
Post Doc Fellow at the Hebrew University
Dr. Marton Megyeri
Research Fellow at Gedeon Richter Plc.
Dr. Ido Yofe
Post Doc Fellow at the Weizmann Institute
Dr. Tslil Ast
Post Doc Fellow at the Broad Institute
Dr. Shai Fuchs
Post Doc Fellow at the SickKids Hospital
Dr. Yael Elbaz
Post Doc Fellow at the University of California, Davis
Dr. Ofer Moldavski
Post Doc Fellow at the University of California, Barkley

Dr. Michal Breker
Post Doc Fellow at the Rockefeller University
Dr. Yifat Cohen
Post Doc Fellow at the Weizmann Institute
Idan Frumkin
Ph.D student at the Weizmann Institute
Dr. Yonatan Herzig
Ph.D student at the Weizmann Institute
Nitzan Rimon
Ph.D student at the Weizmann Institute
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