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Our Laboratory Setup

In our lab we have set up a high content screening platform yielding high-resolution images of yeast for analysis. The setup consists of an inverted spinning disk confocal and epifluorescence microscope with an autofocus system and an automated stage coupled to a high-resolution, CMOS camera with an extremely high quantum yield and small pixel size (necessary for good resolution within the very small yeast cell). Our microscope is connected via a robotic arm to a Liquid handler. This setup allows us to visualize the sub cellular localization of a protein in more than 6000 different conditions or genetic backgrounds (equivalent to an entire yeast deletion library) in a couple of days while obtaining high-resolution images. Since this approach is fully automated we can collect single cell information on hundreds of cells per sample enabling population statistics or single cell analysis.


The system includes various devices such as: an automatic incubator plate reader, centrifuge, PCR devices and shaker that allow multiple sophisticated high content experiments.

The robotic system was purchased through the kind support of the Blythe Brenden-Mann Foundation

Doing a screen in the Schuldilab is child play
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